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Water Restoration

QCS' Water Restoration

Due to whether, natural disasters or a broken pipe in your home, water damage can be extreme and it can interrupt the flow of your entire life. Water damage can temporarily displace a family, and many times, it can ruin valuables that cannot be repaired or have to be completely replaced. Either way, the costs add up, and it has to be properly dealt with to minimize the potential blow.

So what does water damage do? It goes beyond the obvious. The obvious would be that leather items would shrink, wood would warp, and otherwise carpets may begin to smell or have to be properly dried. But it goes beyond that, which is why many hire professionals to take care of all of the fine details.

Our Weapons Against Water!

  • Industrially Fans, that will dry out any effected area. We have large Industrially fans that will dry out anything quickly and effectively to all water exposed area and help with preventing mold growth

  • Industrially Wet Vacuums & Pumps, that are used to dry all surfaces for maximum water damage restoration. Carpet and padding are pulled up and salvaged where ever possible. This is done to protect you from mold growth.

  • Industrially Dehumidifiers, to disinfect all affected areas to kill mold, mildew, and bacteria. To keep you, your family and friends safe and healthy long after services are completed.